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Давайте тут выкладывать картинки, фото, связанные с темой доски. Нестандартность и коммментарии приветствуются!

Автор:  elena [ 21 сен 2006, 09:51 ]
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Dorothy Day of New York

© 1983 Br. R. Lentz

(Dorothy Day helped found the Catholic Worker movement. She spent the last 48 years of her life as a Christian anarchist on the margins of society. In a church organized like a pyramid, her Catholic worker houses were small, informal and decentralized. She traveled alternative paths where other members of the church often found it difficult to go. "The only way to live in any true security," she would point out, "is to live so close to the bottom that when you fall you do not have far to drop, you do not have much to lose.")

Автор:  elena [ 25 сен 2006, 09:51 ]
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St. Edith Stein of Auschwitz
© 1995 Br. R. Lentz,

Seeking to follow St. Teresa’s example, she became a Catholic but waited 12 years to enter the convent, heeding the advice of her confessors and out of compassion for her Jewish mother. She also translated several important philosophical works and wrote commentaries on them which led to her giving lectures to large audiences. With Hitler’s rise to power her public influence came to an end because of her Jewish heritage, and her spiritual advisers finally relented and allowed her to enter the Carmel at Cologne. She was rounded up by the Nazis in 1942 with other Jewish members of Dutch religious orders. While in the concentration camps, she and her sister Rosa cared for children abandoned by fear-crazed mothers. Witnesses recall her calm and composed countenance, while giving assistance whenever she could. On August 9, 1944, she was executed in a gas chamber with her sister at Auschwitz.

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Валерий Харитонов. Литургия

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Последняя - похожи ! :)

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